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Board of Directors

The following are the names of the members of the Board of Directors


  • Dr. Mohamed Omran            Chairman of the Board "Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Authority"
  • Dr. Iman Zakaria                               Board Member "Leasing and Finance Expert"
  • Dr. Khaled Seri Siam                         Board Member "Professor of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law"
  • Mr. Mohsen Adel                                Board Member "Vice President of the Egyptian Stock Exchange"
  • Mr. Saeed Ramadan Arfa                  Board Member "Legal Advisor to the Minister of Public Works Sector"
  • Mr. Alaa Al Zuhairi                            Board Member  "President of the Egyptian Insurance Federation"
  • Mr. Nagy Fahmy                                 Board Member  "Chairman of the Egyptian Union for Real Estate Finance"
  • Dr. Mohamed Maher Mohamed       Board Member  "President of the Egyptian Securities Association"
  • Dr. Shahinaz  Rashad,                       "Executive Director"